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About Us

Practicing Breastfeeding Medicine


Physician mothers bring home the bacon AND the milk!!!


Dr. MILK stands for Mothers Interested in Lactation Knowledge 

We are 40,000 members strong!

Join us at

Be prepared to share your legal name and NPI (or other licensure) or practice website.  We take verification of our members VERY seriously to provide a safe space.

Our Story

Dr. Laurie Jones is a pediatrician in Phoenix, Arizona and identified physician women as being a high risk group to not meet their breastfeeding goals.  In 2009 she created Dr. MILK as a local support group and then added an online community through Facebook in 2010.

Through local chapters and a robust online community we are changing this narrative and helping women meet and even exceed their goals!

Our Members

  • Physicians who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or expressing breast milk for their children.
  • Physicians who want to learn more about breastfeeding to help their patients.
  • Physician mothers who have experience breastfeeding and expressing breast milk for their children. 

Help Us Help You!!!!!

We accept donations (not tax deductable as we are not a 501c3) to help support administrative costs and continuing medical education for administrators and moderators. 


Dr Mothers Interested in Lactation Knowledge

Dr. MILK is trademarked by Laurie Jones MD

Dr. MILK administrators, moderators, and chapter chairs have no personal financial gain from Dr. MILK.  

On January 1, 2018 Laurie Jones and Kristina Lehman started Dr. MILK, LLC to help with legal protection as well as to allow for some cost sharing with members.  Up until this time all costs related to running and supporting the Dr. MILK program were personal expenses.   We do not accept gifts from any companies in exchange for endorsements. There are no kick-backs, sponsorship, or perks from any company to Dr. MILK admins.

We are all here with deep passion to support other physician mothers reach their breastfeeding goals!

Information received here or on the Facebook page does not constitute direct medical advice or a physician patient relationship so please use with caution and discuss with your own physician.